Giving Back

When I look around at the world today, it's clear that just about everyone is under an immense amount of pressure. Financially, emotionally, socially, and our planet is crumbling. I started this shop because I love to make people feel good, to help them be the amazing person that the rest of the world sees. 

I look around at the beautiful people that I am surrounded by, and I think 'I am blessed'. 

And because good begets good, I'm trying to do my bit to pay it forward. 

Cheribomb Retro has committed to the following monthly obligations:

- Donations to plant a minimum of 5 trees per month in Western Australia's most ambitious regeneration project, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. The initiative is revitalizing the ecosystem, establishing a green corridor spanning 200km from inland areas to the coast, thereby restoring natural landscapes and reuniting habitats through the connection of fragmented vegetation patches.

- regular donations to Lifeline to cover the cost of minimum 12 people in crisis a month who simply need connection and hope. 

This page will be updated monthly so you can share the celebration of our people and planet. 

Helping the planet, one dress at a time.