Finding Your Best Size

We understand how frustrating it is when sizing differs from one brand to another, and how disappointing is when you are in love with something, only to have it arrive and find that a size 18 in one brand is a 14 or a 22 in another. While we can't enforce that all brands use the same sizing as each other, we can help you find your perfect fit!

We are always trying to make things easier - buying a dress should never be daunting, and to this end we have created a set of filters and guidelines to help you find your best fit. 

Different Brands have Different Sizing

And it's so hard to judge which to pick. 

To eliminate the guesswork, we have aligned traditional Australian sizes, 8-32 with the different sizes from each of our brands. This means you only need to choose your size from the filter. 

For example, the below are all size 24 from different brands:


Confusing right? What you see is that we have aligned the standard Australian Sizing against each unique brand sizing. And you can use the size charts on each page to ensure your best fit. 




Simply filter on your standard size in our new filters and we will return items in your size, regardless of bespoke brand sizing. 


We are always working on ways to make sizing more transparent and intuitive. If you have any changes that you would like to see, please contact us