Why I make a fuss about plus

Why I make a fuss about plus

One of the things you might not know about me, Cheri, the gal behind this shop, is that I run this shop for love. In about 2012, I had an idea. It’s not an original one, or even a particularly startling one, but it’s one that I’d had in the back of my mind for a few years. Around that time, I was buying overseas, just for myself and shipping it at stupid expense. It came to culmination when, in 2016 I had a few fortunate dollars drop in my pocket and it became the capital for Cheribomb Retro – a place where girls like me, with boobs and hip and bellies could find gorgeous retro styles that actually worked for them.

In 2016, when I was chatting to my husband about it, I made the executive decision that the focus was going to be on sizes 18 plus, not exclusively, but where I had a choice between stocking sizes 8-16 or 18+, I choose the latter Every. Single. Time. And I think that I have kept to that ethos. And on April 2, 2016, Cheribomb Retro was born. I’m so proud of what it is, and I love the conversations I have with so many of you during the week. That’s completely not to distract from our size 8-16 sisters, you will find many awesome styles for you in the shop. I love you and celebrate you, too.

I have had an interesting conversation the last couple of days, borne from a couple of comments left on one of my ads – that it’s inappropriate to advertise a plus sized store with standard sized models – and do you know what? I agree. I agree so so so wholeheartedly. I wish that brands would listen, and a few of them do, and some of them do sometimes, and some of them don’t – and it’s completely an ongoing conversation I have with them. I had amazing plans to run a range of photoshoots in 2020 featuring exclusively real plus women, but — we all know what happened to 2020. So while sometimes I need to use standard models in advertising, please please don’t ever think it’s complacency. I’m fighting the good fight for real, curvy women.

What I need you all to know, is that we shout for size inclusivity from the tops of the buildings, we actively seek new brands and styles and stock to bring to you that make you sing. A dress isn’t going to solve the massive problems in the world, but damn, if it makes us feel just a little bit awesomer (is too a word lol), isn’t that worth something?

To this end, I want you guys to shout it with me, I want you guys to show the world the beautiful people you are. Tall, short, curvy, slender. I want to see you guys rise and succeed. I want to see glowing confidence, and that secret smile that everyone has when they think “yeah, I’m lookin’ pretty good in this, even if I do say so myself”. Please please please, never be afraid to show me how amazing you feel – because I celebrate you – right now, more than ever. I will shout you from the rooftops.

You can always tag us on Facebook @cheribombretro, or insta @cheribombretro, and I’ll be right there, shouting you on.

Size positivity.
Inclusion not exclusion.

Cheri xo

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