How it all began

How it all began

have loved vintage clothing since I was very young. My mother made all my clothes and I can remember my prized possession was a long Hawaiian print skirt when I was five. I graduated to the smooth shapes of the late ‘50s and ‘60s when I was a teenager. Again, thanks to mum (love you mum) I had shifts of all shapes and sizes.

Then, I discovered true vintage. In the alleys of Fremantle, Western Australia, there were a couple of little stores that specialised in true vintage clothes. I would spend hours and all my money in Fay Wrays and Mouli Taters. I bought prom dresses from the ‘60s to wear to formals I was invited to (but mum made my own formal dress).

When I was no longer a skinny teenager (thanks, beer), I discovered a slew of amazing brands that not only fit a girl with DD boobs and hips like myself, but that are pretty and feminine and distinctive and individual. And this is what I’m bringing to you.  We stock up to size 32.

High quality brands with quirk, brands like Hell Bunny,  Tatyana by Bettie Page, and Hearts & Roses London and soon to be many more.  I know their sizing, I know what fits, and I have hand selected each and every last dress, top, skirt, and accessory that is found on Cheribomb Retro. It’s real style for real women.  I interrogate every garment to give you the most detail that I can about it. And I am to keep the prices affordable and realistic.

If you have any questions, please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. If you are looking for something and you can’t quite find it, get in touch and I will find it for you.

Thank you for looking at my little shop. My dresses give me such joy. I hope you can find a special item or two that does the same to you.

<3 Cheri

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