Cheribomb Pamper Pack by Cheribomb Retro Love Doll


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Retro sugar with a cherry on top. You are summer in the wintertime! You are a voluptuous cherry scent backed up by her girls: white peach, green apple citrus and strawberry. You are a husky, knowing flirty laugh made of cream, cloves, almond, pear and fresh hay. You will leave them with the ozone smell of a summer street, vanilla icecream and the taste of kisses yet to come lingering in the breeze. A luxe Retro voluptuous cherry body cream emboldened with white peach, green apple citrus and strawberry.

The Cheribomb Pamperpack by Cheribomb Retro Love Doll consists of:

1 x Scent of a Woman, a 30ml after cherry sangria flavoured fragrance
Each bottle is handsealed in sealing wax for a true vintage feel
Use: Apply at pulse points, or wherever you expect to be kissed

1 x Bisou! Bisou! in Cheribomb, 14ml cherry fragranced lipbalm tin
Wear: Apply to lips ahead of the makeout session for soft, bubblegum flavoured lips

1 x Gimme Some Sugar, Sugar! in Cheribomb, a 250gm tub of luxurious after cherry sangria fragranced sugar scrub
Use: Slather onto damp skin and feel the luxurious sugar melt into the most decadent revitalising moisturiser

1 x Whippin’ Gal in Bombsell, a 250gm tub of to die for after cherry sangria scented moisturiser
Use: Massage into your gorgeous skin for a subtle fragrance and sweet softness


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