Bombshell Pamper Pack by Cheribomb Retro Love Doll


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Bombshell is the ultimate bubblegum experience.

Bombshell is wanton, windblown and wild. She is the elegance and restraint, the belle of your ball. She’s the dress crumpled at the end of the bed, or the sophisticate on your arm. She is the school girl with knee socks. She is a fairground attraction, your most favourite friend and, she tastes just like bubblegum.

The Bombshell Pamperpack by Cheribomb Retro Love Doll consists of:

1 x Scent of a Woman, a 30ml bubblegum flavoured fragrance
Each bottle is handsealed in sealing wax for a true vintage feel
Use: Apply at pulse points, or wherever you expect to be kissed

1 x Bisou! Bisou! in Bombshell, 5ml bubblegum fragranced lipbalm tin
Wear: Apply to lips ahead of the makeout session for soft, bubblegum flavoured lips

1 x Gimme Some Sugar, Sugar! in Bombshell, a 250gm tub of luxurious bubblegum fragranced sugar scrub
Use: Slather onto damp skin and feel the luxurious sugar melt into the most decadent revitalising moisturiser

1 x Whippin’ Gal in Bombsell, a 250gm tub of to die for bubblegum scented moisturiser
Use: Massage into your gorgeous skin for a subtle fragrance and sweet softness


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