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Cheribomb Retro Love Doll Range

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Cheribomb Retro Love Doll

Quirky, Retro, Handmade Skincare




Cheribomb Retro Love Doll is a range of skincare for the modern pinup!

Explore the entire range – Affair with a Waitress, Bombshell, Paging Bettie and Cheribomb!
Items available singly or in a gift pack!



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Bisou! Bisou!

Apply to lips before you kiss!  This gorgeous flavoured lip balm will make your lips soft and pliable! Wear with only a smile, or as a base for your favourite lipstick.

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Scent of a Woman

The ultimate subtle perfume oil! Apply to your pulse points (or wherever you expect to be kissed*) for a lingering delicate long lasting fragrance. *external use only!.

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Gimme some sugar, Sugar!

A sugar scrub with a difference! Slather onto damp skin and feel the luxurious sugar melt into the most decadent moisturiser under the shower. Rinse off with water.

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Whippin’ Gal

You want soft? You want scented? This is the moisturiser for you! Whipped body cream. Simply massage into your gorgeous skin for sweet softness and subtle fragrance.

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Body Packs

For head to toe gorgeousness, look no further than our packs. The most full bodied, out of body experience you will ever have. Choose your fragrance and let’s go!

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