Together at last!

In the rocking Tiki Tee

So almost a year ago (OMG – stay tuned on news about that) when I was throwing around the idea of Cheribomb Retro I had no idea the amazing underground community that there is for this amazing stuff. And like you do, you talk to other business owners, and I met Kristin from My Favourite Obsession. She was a cool chick, she stocked stuff with a slightly edgier side than my own beautiful stuff, and she was funny, she was cool and we just clicked. Fast forward nearly a year and we’ve hooked up. What does that mean for you? It means you can buy even more amazing gear from Cheribomb Retro at the affordable retro prices you’ve come to expect. And it means that we have you covered pretty much 24/7 either on the on-site messaging or on Facebook.

So without further ado – meet my gorgeous partner in crime…..

5 minutes with Kristin

How long have you been in ‘the game’? (ie. owned the shop)
I have run My Favourite Obsession for the last 14 months

What’s your style?
My style is an ever changing style. Grunge and emo one day and pin up and swing dresses the next. Sometimes I”ll funk it up and mix the styles together to create a style more suited to me.

What can you currently not not live without?
I cannot live without my sourpuss dresses. I can team them up with a wrap cardi and doc martins or add heels to pretty it up.

In the Hazel Swing dress in red and black by Dolly & Dotty

What’s your unicorn?
Current unicorn is a Hell Bunny Hermaline, I have searched for this dress in my size for a LONG time! (haha and Hermaline achievement unlocked! She now has it! And so do I… twins!  <3 cheri)

What’s your life like?
Life’s busy! 2 primary aged boys who are bundles of energy and partner to a hard workin man! Plus I work alongside animals everyday and volunteer my time with the kids school when I can.

Who are your idols?
No idols here. I havent yet found a fashion icon I admire with the styles I love.

What do you do for fun?
Fun? I garden, I hike sometimes, I play Xbox, play lego, read and cook!

Current 3 faves on site:

A lately thinned wardrobe. <3

Oh my 3 faves! The Hell Bunny Hermaline! The peter pan collar and cut remind me of the 60’s and I cant wait for winter to wear it with kneww high boots! Another fav is the Batty Cardi by Banned, these are the best cardi’s ever. Wash and wear unbeli well. Finally I say the Tatyana 3/4 sleeve black knit top. Timeless piece.

What do you look for in a dress.
I look for a a nice cut and length. No halter straps here. I also make sure the fabric is not of a sheen and is mainly cotton.

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