Merry Christmas & a very, very Happy New Year <3

It’s been a while since I updated – real life has managed to insert itself between me and my writing here. But here, as I sit at home with a glass of wine and catalogues of amazing pretty dresses to go through, I’m quietly reflecting on the year that was.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a year of ups and downs. I was made redundant from a high powered job leading a digital team for an iconic company at the beginning of the year – which was amazing in some respects, because it gave me the capital to start this – my little shop, and my true passion. It has also meant that I can put my professional skills towards something that I love. And I’ve met a lot of amazing ladies on the way, Kristin (who is now a great mate) from My Favourite Obsession, Taneal (who could possibly be the sweetest person I’ve ever met) from Sapphire Le Handmade, and super stylish Melissa from Cherry Pinup (check these ladies out, they have some truly droolicious stuff). It’s been a bumpy ride – creating a brand from scratch, working out marketing strategies, stock strategies, suppliers, pricing, taxes. OMG. But it has been so so rewarding.

I’ve learnt so much about us, women, all shapes and sizes. In June, I installed a live chat functionality on the site, and you guys completely humbled me. Through this I have learned so many of your stories and found out, that beneath it all? we’re all very much alike, with the same passions and insecurities and thoughts and feelings.

Once my shop was up and running, I headed back into advertising/agency land to keep the money rolling in (read: pay the mortgage lol), and I realised that I’m truly lucky to have the chance to do what i really love. Agency land is a hard, stressful, relentless slog, and there were some days I couldn’t find myself being able to think beyond the next minute, let alone feel like I could get through to the weekend.

In August, the 24th to be exact, a cold, rainy Wednesday, we had to make the decision to say goodbye to my beloved Dad. He’d had a heart attack the previous Saturday and had been in RPA CICU for four days. His poor old heart just couldn’t beat for itself. He was on the machine to give his heart a rest and heavily sedated. The doctors called us in for a ‘meeting’. And you know when the doctors want to have a ‘meeting’ that it’s not going to be good. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Then not a half hour later, we held his hands as they turned off the machines, and his heart just stopped beating. It’s his birthday today. Exactly 5 months since we had to make that terrible decision and it still destroys me to think about it. My dad was a wise man, and a gentle man, who had a sense of humour even drier than mine. You did good, Dad. You were an amazing dad and you loved my mum so, so much. You taught us what to expect in life – love and happiness, and that if you work hard you will get everything you deserve. I miss you so much and I think about you Every. Single. Day. I wish I had have told you more when you could hear me. The major lesson I learned from all of this is that you need to tell people how you feel when you have the chance. You need to make sure they hear you. Because they can’t when they’re gone. And you wish you did.

Since then, it’s just been back to the grind, but I’ve had the shop and you amazing people to inspire me. So thank you for all the great chats, and giving me the chance to dress you. Keep the photos rolling in. I adore seeing these amazing dresses and tops on you all.

What will the new year bring for Cheribomb Retro? Well, we’re proud to announce that we have made a partnership with some amazing new brands including What Katy Did. (Like…….omg) and in the new year we’ll start to stock their amazing pieces.

In the meantime, we need to clear the shelves, so over the next couple of days I’ll be making a super dooper NY sale. Swoop in with your chance to score some super deals.

But… for now, here is the Cheribomb Retro top 3 for 2016 (the ones that I’ve added to my wardrobe, because, you know, for posterity, quality checks, just a super love of dresses….. next post – my top 10…….. omg just 10. help. I think i have a problem.)

The Judy Circle Dress by Tatyana

Inspired by military surplus designs, the Judy dress by Tatyana is the embodiment of post war glamour and sexy can do attitude. You will be as mesmerising leaving the room as entering with the glamorous swish of the fabric. The long sleeves and collared neckline with buttons will keep you warm as you are impossibly hot! With sensible hidden pockets, you will only have to carry your smallest clutch.

(I wore this to a job interview and I GOT THE JOB)



The Long Floral Dress by Hearts & Roses

Everyone love a heart. Especially if it’s on their dress. they also like pink roses. This dress combines them both. With a demur neckline, a semi cap sleeve, a wide black belt and beautiful full skirt, this dress looks as good with a crinoline under it as not.

Valentine’s day is every day with theHearts & Roses Long Floral Dress. H&R tends to run small, so please size up.

(This became a work staple in my first weeks in my new job)



The Hazel Vintage Swing Dress in Strawberries by Dolly & Dotty

Be the essence of the ’50s in the Hazel Vintage Swing Dress in Black & Red by Dotty and Dolly.

A gorgeous sleeveless dress in soft cotton that is as comfortable to wear as it is flattering and ’50s cute-sexy. A demure pleated collar fastens with a button, a fitted waist to enhance your gorgeous curves and a block colour hemline sets off beautifully the gorgeous printed strawberry design.

This dress is a generous size and suits every body shape.

(I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Dotty & Dolly. Their sizing is perfect. The quality is amazing. And at such a small price!)







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