Giving Back - May 24 Update

Giving Back - May 24 Update

I made a pledge when I relaunched the site, to be better, to try better, to live my passions - helping people find themselves, feel better about themselves, shouting for size inclusivity from the top of the buildings. 

Since the Sydney lockdowns in 20-21 other things have become just as important to me, sustainability (can you believe for a brief moment in history Everest was visible from Katmandu, and the waterways of Venice ran clean?), and helping people who needed help. 

Therefore I've pledged to donate funds from this little shop monthly, to connect people who need to talk to someone to someeone, and also to help develop Australia's largest carbon sink, Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

It's not much, but we need to start somewhere. 

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