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Why we make a fuss about plus

One of the things you might not know about me, Cheri, the gal behind this shop, is that I run this shop for love. In about 2012, I had an idea. It’s not an original one, or even a particularly startling one, but it’s one that I’d had in the back of my mind for […]

Finding your unicorn

Finding your unicorn We all know the feeling. You have an occasion that calls for the most amazing frock, and you know instantly the frock you want. You order it (and pay for express postage because you’re so excited!). It’s the longest day at work because all you want to do is get home and […]

Dressing for your body shape

Not understanding your shape is what prevents that amazing frock look less than amazing (though I think you always look great!). It’s why a dress that looks fantastic and stylish on one person might look like a potato sack on another. Understanding your body shape isn’t about understanding your weight- people will invariable fit into […]

Achieving the perfect fit.

Size charts. We all hate. Them. And who wants to be labelled anyways!!??? However we’re here. You have found your unicorn. You desperately want to know before you spend the moula “Will it fit me?????????“. Luckily for all of us, Kristin is here to tell us how and where to measure yourself to make sure […]

Together at last!

So almost a year ago (OMG – stay tuned on news about that) when I was throwing around the idea of Cheribomb Retro I had no idea the amazing underground community that there is for this amazing stuff. And like you do, you talk to other business owners, and I met Kristin from My Favourite […]

Unique Vintage Size Chart

S NUMERIC WAIST HIPS XSmall 32-33 24-25 34-35 Small 34-35 26-27 36-37 Medium 36-37 28-29.5 38-40.5 Large 38-39 31-32.5 42-44 XLarge 42-43 34-35.5 45-46 2XL 44-45 37-38.5 47-48 3XL 46-48 39.5-41 49-51 4XL 49-51 42-44 52-54 5XL 55-57 48-51 58-61

Buy with AfterPay and win a holiday!

OMGOMGOMG – you can afford your dream dress now! Simply choose AfterPay at checkout and you could win a $3k getaway – you were looking for an occasion to wear *that* dress, weren’t you??

Merry Christmas & a very, very Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I updated – real life has managed to insert itself between me and my writing here. But here, as I sit at home with a glass of wine and catalogues of amazing pretty dresses to go through, I’m quietly reflecting on the year that was. I’m not going to lie, […]

Earn rewards when you shop at Cheribomb Retro

Earn points towards your next order when you buy online at! We love our customers and we want you to have the amazing dresses you love at low prices, so we have decided to incentivise your shopping! SIGN UP NOW Redeem points by choosing the selecting the amount of earned points you like to […]



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