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Finding your unicorn

Finding your unicorn

We all know the feeling. You have an occasion that calls for the most amazing frock, and you know instantly the frock you want. You order it (and pay for express postage because you’re so excited!). It’s the longest day at work because all you want to do is get home and try it on and marvel over how amazing you look! Finally you are home, and the first thing you do is try your dream dress on.

And it looks awful. All that money and hope and excitement dashed in the time it takes to fasten a zipper.

It’s the most horrible feeling, but guess what? We’ve all been there.

I’ve talked a lot in previous articles about dressing for your shape, how to identify your body shape, tricks and tips for wearing the trickier pin up fashions (choose a rounded tummy over the harsh panty lines of shape wear), and Miss Kristin from MFO wrote a great article about measuring yourself properly and knowing what sizes to choose, however sometimes all the information in the world won’t help you when you are unsure.

Help is at hand

Over the last fourteen months, I’ve helped a lot of you find amazing dresses for your special occasions and it’s been a humbling and sometimes emotional experience. Recently, I helped Primmy with a gorgeous Lady V frock for her first date with her husband in over 2 years!

The Lyra dress by Lady V London
The Lyra dress by Lady V London

We chose the flattering Lyra cut dress by Lady V, bright poppies on a black background. The Lyra ties behind to give you adjustable definition, hides a tummy and arms, and has a super flattering neckline for the bigger busted ladies.

Primmy was gobsmacked when she received the dress and here are some quotes from an emotional exchange we had:

“OMFG It’s so very perfect.”

“OMG. No back fat. None!”

“I’m gonna shave my legs and dye my hair and live in these dresses forever!”

“I feel beautiful for the first time in almost two years.”

There have been many more of you, from the wedding party that I helped with dressing a wide range of shapes and sizes, to Chris, recently who fell in love with the Dolly & Dotty Darlene for her hen’s night for which we placed a special order.

And now I’m opening up the Find A Unicorn service to everyone! Do you have a special occasion, wedding, special date, graduation, ball, etc and are too nervous to buy online?

Do you see something in my beautiful shop and wish it was just a little bit dif ‘t find it anywhere? Or aren’t sure that it will suit you?

Contact me and we will work together to find it for you. With your measurements and a short chat about your favourite things, things you don’t like, things that are non-negotiable, budget restrictions we can find your unicorn! This service is gratis to my amazing clientele and included in the price of your dress.

OMG I need your help now!

No worries! I’m here and ready for you just about 24/7. Either drop me a note at [email protected] or hit me up on our Facebook page and we can kick off the hunt for your unicorn!

Special occasions require a special outfit – one that you love, love, love and know you look beyond fabulous in – and sometimes it’s a daunting, disappointing task. Let me help you find your unicorn. Let me help you look and feel beautiful.

Cheri xo

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